TSE55 5.5″ backlit capacitive LCD touchscreen

SKU: K-00079

The TSE55 touchscreen is a flexible device which provides an intuitive “user friendly” method of interfacing to the iLight control system. The LCD capacitive screen provides virtually limitless flexibility of system configuration and control. It is completely software based, and programs can be tailored to suit the precise needs of the user. The touch screen can also be used to provide control of other integrated systems such as curtains and blinds and HVAC.

TSE55 comes with a choice of two graphical skins which can be swapped between easily at programming stage to the clients preference. The look can be further personalised by adding custom background images – From a branded hotel welcome page to a minimalist theme for a home cinema room.

TSE55 connects to the iLight network using a TSI-1 touchscreen interface.

  • Fully customisable graphic layouts
  • Compatible with TSI-1 Touchscreen Interface
  • Dimensions: 148 x 87mm
  • Tse 55 600px
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